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  • The authorised institution
    that simplifies e-commerce
  • 10 years of experience
    in online payments
  • E-commerce payment solution:
    Secure payments + Distance selling + transactions management
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  • Compatible with
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CODICE is the software house leader in the development of software solutions for the management of small companies.

It is among the first companies to commercialize an highly professional management software at affordable costs.

CODICE develops, sells and assists (directly and through its sales network) the software for business management and e-commerce READY PRO, offering to companies, retail shops and craftsmen, professional solutions for warehouse management, accounting, billing, cash desk sales, production, document archiving and online sales (e-commerce and marketplace).

The seamless integration of READY PRO with a sophisticated and complete proprietary e-commerce platform (totally managed by the accounting software), the integration for direct selling on eBay and Amazon marketplaces have made READY PRO one of the most popular software, used even by those who only sell online.

B2b and b2c e-commerce managed by READY PRO are used and appreciated both by large and important companies (,, and also (and especially) by small and very small companies that, thanks to READY PRO, can access a professional solution, until now accessible only to large companies.

From the official site you can download the full version software in order to test freely all the features of READY PRO, including the e-commerce platform and all the necessary procedures for what concerns sales on eBay and Amazon marketplaces.