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Alternative payments

Solutions for alternative payments

Paysite-cash offers you alternative solutions for your business. These solutions allow you to accept other payment methods on your e-commerce website.

  • Increase your sales: Clients typically report 15-30% increase in turnover on websites with these solutions installed
  • Diversify payments options on your web-site(s) and increase revenue
  • Extend your market reach to non-cardholder internet users
  • Secure alternative non-card payments
  • Manage transactions right from your merchant’s area
Choose the processing options you would like to integrate with the Paysite-cash solution:

Processing of bank wires

Choose to accept bank transfers on your web store. This offer allows your customers to pay by a bank transfer.
  • Processing national/international transfers
  • Processing of SEPA transfers
  • Transaction security
  • Transactions follow-up
Receipt of transfer from the European Union: 2% + 1 €

Wire dispatching

You would like to make lots of recurring transfers to pay your affiliates, your employees, vendors or service providers around the world?
Paysite-cash can handle this task for you, saving your time and money.

You just have to provide us a text file (called “batch file”) containing all the information needed to perform transfers, Paysite-cash will do the rest.
This offer also allows you to enjoy reduced rates in the EU (fixed costs free from charges of intermediary banks) and rapid lead times for recipients.

Your benefits
  • Saving time through automation of transfers
  • Only one transfer made from your bank
  • No charge on receipt for your recipients
  • Transfers received within 48 hours maximum
  • No intermediary bank charges (except outside SEPA)
  • A reliable and proven system
  • Attractive EU rates (valid for companies outside the EU)
Rates for wire dispatching
  • between 0,9 € and 5 € per transfer for SEPA
  • between 10 and 15 € per transfer outside SEPA
Our Sales Department is at your disposal at +33 (0) 180 895 181 (local rate for France) to develop your project together and answer all your questions.

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Processing of French checks for foreign companies

Allows the customers on your site to pay by check, a payment method which is still heavily used on the French territory.

Security Option

Take a “chargeback insurance”, to protect yourself against any risk of fraud.

Verification at the Bank of France (stolen cheques, bad cheques, identity theft)

This option is only available for French cheques. The amounts collected are then credited on a bank account of any French or foreign company in complete confidentiality.

Cashing cheques issued from France to the account of NordPay:
  • 5% +1 € for credit towards a EU company
  • 10% + 1 € for credit towards a non-EU company
Our Sales Department is at your disposal at +33 (0) 180 895 181 (local rate for France) to develop your project together and answer all your questions.