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 21/04/2011 Paysite Cash has obtained full authorisation as a Payment Institution
 12/02/2010 Paysite Cash participates in Barcelona Summit 2010
 29/12/2009 Change of Address of Paysite Cash
 13/10/2009 Payste Cash Opens its Market to the Baltic States and Russia
 13/10/2009 30 % growth for Nordvision in 2008and excellent prospectives for 2009
PAYSITE CASH Secure Credit Card Payments  

News and press releases

One of Paysite-Cash's highest priorities is to offer the best support to our clients, those being either merchants, affiliates or card-holders having paid through our payment platform.

whichever of this ones you are, you will find an answer to your questions by contacting the corresponding department:

• Customer Support / Cardholder Support

You have bought a product and would like to have details on your payments, cancel a subscription etc...?

You can contact us:
Contact form
+33 1 80 89 51 86

• Sales inqueries

You are a Merchant or an affiliate, you already have a Paysite-Cash account or you would like some information on our payment solutions and how to open an account?

You can contact our Commercial Department:
Contact form
Phone: + 33 1 80 89 51 89
Email: [email protected]

• Technical inqueries

You are a Merchant or an Affiliate, you already have a Paysite-Cash account and you have some technical questions?

You can contact our Technical Department:
+33 1 80 89 51 87

• Marketing and partnerships / Press

You are a web agency, a developper, an online shop, an other payment solution or a potential strategic partner?
You wish to become a partner of Paysite-Cash?
You are a journalist a would like more information on Paysite-Cash's solutions?

You can contact Marketing Manager:
Contact form
Phone: + 33 1 80 89 51 82
Email: [email protected]

• General inqueries

If you have a question that does not fit any of the previous options or if you did not find which department to contact, please contact us:
Phone: + 33 1 80 89 51 80
Fax: + 33 1 73 79 39 25 (France Paris)

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