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01/12/2008 : New rules coming concerning rights of European customers

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Dear Madam, dear Sir,

The European Commission wants to give new rights to European customers. The goal: to secure their shopping, particularly on the Internet.

This new directive aims at normalizing rules so that European people can buy everywhere in the European Union with the same serenity.

The proposed legislation concerns various aspects of shopping:

. Information on the products
. contractual clauses, shipping
. Return of an item, refund, repair, guaranties and cancellations.

It says for instance that an item should be delivered anywhere in less than 30 days. There are also new rules applying to damage occuring during the shipping.
For every overdue or non-delivered item, consumers will have new rights to get their money back in 7 days at most.

Those new rules imply : (among others)

. A maximum of 30 days for the delay of delivery.
. A right for customers to a "reflexion period" of 14 days (with refund in 30 days max) . The creation of a black list of abusive contractual clauses.
. The definition of common rules applicable to on-line auctions and the reinforcement of the protection against "forced-sale"
. The normalization of ways to make appeal in case of faulty items.

Those rules should be approved by the 27 member states as well as by the European Parliament.

"This is the most important rebuilt of the customers' rights since 30 years" explained Meglena Kuneva, the European Commissioner in charge of the protection of customers' rights. she also declared: "We need a safety net for customers: a panel of rights that give them the necessary security to be able to shop peacefully everywhere in the E.U."

Meglena Kuneva hopes so to give confidence to customers so that they do not hesitate to buy outside their frontiers.
150 million Europeans already shop online. But only 30 million of them buy outside their borders.
It represents a market of about 24 billion euros that the normalization of rules could put on steroids...

So while protecting customers, we think that those rules will most of all offer the opportunity to professionals such as you to explore new markets.

A survey from the E.U. revealed that 80% of "e-merchants" do not have clients outside their frontiers although most of them could plan to sell abroad if the rules where normalized.

Of course, we can only encourage you to explore those new markets that will open to you thanks to this renewed confidence from customers feeling more secure while buying abroad with this new legislation.

It will be very important for you to respect those rules though and we will keep you informed about the implementation of this legislation.

Have a nice day.

Best regards.

Marketing/Sales Direction of Paysite Cash, a division of NordVision
Phone: +33 1 80 89 51 82

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