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 13/10/2009 30 % growth for Nordvision in 2008and excellent prospectives for 2009
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1/05/2006 : Paysite Cash migrates in Europe
Dear customer,

Since the beginning of the activity of our platform for credit card payments, in January 2005, we have been honored with a great success after only a little more than 1 year.
In fact, even from the beginning, we have put in place a network of banks on several countries in order to allow us to pass customers’ transactions under the best conditions. We have involved a lot of resources in order to offer you a complete, open and functional platform. We are also into a continuous fight against chargeback. With the help of exclusive tools, we are proud to show a global chargeback rate of 0.24%. This is our visit card that allows us to be credible for significant accounts and important banks.

In order to have a thorough background for our development, we have decided to migrate our activities in Europe.

Consequently, the Paysite Cash activities shall be progressively transferred (following the merchants) on the portfolio of the new European company, based in Estonia, NordVision OÜ, the technical management being assured by our American company.
This move was also imposed by the necessity to migrate from an offshore structure to a one that offers more liabilities to customers, especially a structure that is fully authorised for third party fund management, which makes us one of the few credit card processing companies authorised for such activity.

For those that do not know much about Estonia, it is important to know that this small Scandinavian country is part of EU since May 2004 and one of the first new countries to integrate into the Euro zone on the 1st of January 2007. This is the most developed country among the new group of countries that accessed the European Union in 2004.
Estonia has a healthy economical environment with significant investments coming from neighbour countries (Finland and Sweden), with a very attracting fiscal policy and one of Europe’s best banking system where you can find mostly Scandinavian banks.

Obviously, our price policy will not modify at all. The Paysite Cash offers remain identical.

Frédéric NOEL
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