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"Affiliation" offer


If you are the editor of a website and if you wish to increase your sales through a professional ready-made affiliation system, then the Paysite-Cash affiliation is the solution for you!
Affiliation allows other webmasters (affiliates) to promote your website(s).

You can setup the percentages for the commissions that you would like to offer to your affiliates, you can install banners and other promotion tools in your Merchant Area.
You will easily obtain a link allowing the promotion of your affiliate program.

The affiliates can easily join your affiliation program, can access the banners and the promotion tools and install them on their websites, thus generating sales. They can see their sales statistics in their Affiliate Zone.
Paysite Cash is in charge of paying your affiliates, thus simplifying your job.

By using the credit card processing system for your websites you will benefit automatically from our free affiliation product.

For the affiliation, you have two options:
  • The "private" affiliation system, where only the affiliates that have signed in using your affiliation link will promote your program.
  • The "public" affiliation system, where you can freely promote your sites to apprximately 1,000 active Paysite Cash affiliates immediately.
  • Opening a Merchant Account

You are a webmaster and you would like to make profitable your traffic with quality affiliations?

Paysite Cash has developed a highly secure platform and has chosen for you quality websites that you can promote only by opening a single affiliate account.
Paysite Cash is the only affiliation platform that offers you an affiliate ID-s tracking system without cookies, thus guarantying 0 loss of your ID-s.

The principle is very simple: once you have joined as an affiliate, you can access a list of websites to promote. According to the themes of your own websites, you can choose the websites to promote, you can access the banner and the other promotion tools to install on your website. In this manner, you will gain a percentage (established by the editors of the websites) on every sale coming from your promotion links.

In your Affiliate Area, you can access your sales statistics, your profits and your bank transfers... Also, you can contact very easily the editors of the websites you promote in order to ask for improvements or for more promotion tools, for example.

Paysite Cash is in charge to pay your gains for all the sites you are promoting.

Other advantages of the Paysite Cash affiliation:
  • Free signup
  • Payments on your bank account, everywhere in the world, stating from 80 EUR of gains
  • Detailed statistics
  • Very performing anti "-shaving" tools
  • The possibility to configure trackers in order to detect the exact origin of the sale
  • Quality affiliations

Our Commercial Service is at your disposal in order to answer your questions or to develop together with us your projects. You can contact us by phone at +3 8 70 44 51 70.

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