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PAYSITE CASH Secure Credit Card Payments

Secure Payment

Are you the owner of a website or web-based company? Are you looking for a secure and cost-effective solution which would enable you to manage online payment processing efficiently and with peace of mind?

Paysite Cash is an adaptable secure online payment and shared affiliation platform unlike any other on the market; which during the past two years has become the most widely used online payment processing solution in Europe. Paysite Cash offers you the complete solution, whether you are providing services, selling goods or subscriptions. Quick and simple to install, and combining ease of use through a HTML button, to providing the most advanced and up to date tools for developers, offering complete integration to your back-office, and even free e-shop plugins.

In addition to being the most advanced solution combining secure online payment and shared affiliation, Paysite Cash offers you the opportunity to utilise an existing network of affiliates, whose remuneration percentage you can set up individually, and for each one of your websites, all being linked with our online payment processing system.


Are you a Webmaster seeking to make your online traffic profitable through the use of high-quality affiliations?

Paysite Cash offers a highly-developed online payment processing system and affiliation with carefully selected websites.

Furthermore, you will earn money for every online purchase made by the same client with affiliated companies.

Key figures

Active merchants : 2966

Active sites : 2351

Active affiliates : 3231

Acceptance ratios

Accepted transactions : 80 %

Accepted rebills : 81 %

Chargebacks ratio : 0.28 %

Servers availability :

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